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Deondria Devine: Can't Sleep

Hello to all my sexy friends out there! How is everyone doing today? I hope that you are doing very well where ever you may be today. I am doing great thank you for asking. I have missed you guys so very much. It feels great to be back in your presence once again. I just want to take a minute to say hi and thank you to all my new friends who came to visit me yesterday. I had so much fun with you guys. Please feel free to stop by to see me anytime that I am on. I have been getting so much positive feedback from you guys and it makes me so very happy. You guys give me a reason to keep coming back everyday and giving you the best show I can. I love the fact that everyone has their own special things that they like as it gives me a chance to stretch my mind and come up with new show ideas. I hope that you guys like all the different outfits that I wear for you. I noticed that some of you want to see me use bigger toys and I will take that into consideration. I will see you all in a few hours. Hugs and kisses! D

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Farrah Foxy: Great Times

I had a blast on cam last night. Thanks to JeffMorgan for the private shows, and talking us through everything. You were fantastic hun. He said what he wanted and thanks to the help of Kevin Deece we were able to make it all happen. Also, had a blast teasing Kevin Deece by strapping him down, using feathers, a Sharp object, my nails, and turning him on, and loved him nailing me hard and giving me multiple orgasms over and over again. He is great at eating my pussy out, and making me squirt all over the place. We made a pretty big mess all over my bed, and was even still soaking through my panties after I got off cam. Watched the VOD afterwards, and we did great. Hmmmm….. If anyone wants to watch us perform, and see what they want come take us to private and we will give you a great show. Anything your heart desires. Also, have my privates on VOD including me getting nailed hard. To check them out anytime you want. I promise you will like what you see. Well, hope to see everyone tonight, and let\’s see what you can make happen. Love y\’all. Kisses.

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HI guys! Our names are kelly and Amelya ! We are best girlfriends, we knows all parts of each others body! We are bisexual, so we love the guys also! There is no better, then a 3sum! Two of us will give You double the pleasure. Join us and have fun together


A man with his baser instincts ready and at your disposal, ready to please all your desires, and inspire in you the craziest ideas.

Austin Cloud: Powerscore

Ok so I guess my power score kind of dropped so I am back below what I need to do party chat.. I’m hoping that after posting this blog I will have enough power score to be able to do party and group chat again.. and just so you all know I am American and I cannot give out my city name I am from Illinois but that’s all I can provide. I hope you all understand I’m just not obligated to provide personal information. Also something tonight bothered me and I’d just ask all of you not to do this to me. please please don’t come into the room and ask me to show you something before you tip. I had someone earlier ask me to show them something and they’d take me to private after if I did. Just being nice I did so, and they left the room. It’s just a little rude to do that so I ask you all to please just show some love. (: I do love you all and appreciate all the very sweet compliments and the awesome conversations. I’m very happy to be a part of all of this and I respect everyone on here for welcoming me.

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