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Angel Gold: I Need Your Help!!~!!

I need your help starting today!! I have a goal of 10,000 credits, which says it’s for my birthday. I need you guys to tell a friend to come visit me. I will be doing contest through the month of July to help reach my goal. If you want ur guardian angel to be #1 then I need your help. I can’t Do this without you!! U make who I am and how far I can go within my career. I would like to go ahead and Thank every single one of you personally that have helped with this process. The gifts and the Tips are really helping me recover from losing everything I owned. I love you guys and hate going a day without spending time with you. Let’s hit that #1 spot. July 2015 is Angel Gold’sLove Always,

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Jack Danger: Things Might Get Interesting

The week carries on as usual. Yesterday was a really, really easy day. I did not wind up going to the gym as I had initially planned, because I was very sore and just did not feel quite up to it. But I am not too disappointed, because I wound up having a very nice evening. I know that I should have gotten on cam while I had the opportunity, but I wound up sticking with the relaxation route. With my work schedule being a little heavier than usual, I do need to take advantage of what time I can get to recharge myself.I know that I have a pretty intense day of work ahead of me today. I would be lying if I said that I was looking forward to it, because I am really not. But I suppose days like that are bound to happen. I just have to get through it, as well as three more days of work, until I will have the holiday off to enjoy all of the festivities.Speaking of the holiday this weekend, I should have the better part of that day open, so I am definitely going to get some good time in on cam that day, and I am also eying Thursday and Friday during the afternoon to be on cam, so stay tuned.

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Hi guys, I am Victoria a sexy vampire 19 years, seeking to please; my forked tongue experience double pleasure and sensations, my teeth, my frenum piercings including my long pointed nails my unique style you will not find anywhere else

Stassi Stroker: What a Saturday

So today I woke up early to my neighbors honking their horn at 6am, so incredibly considerate. So I am loving my new cable TV. I am currently watching one of my favorite shows Two and a Half men. I know I know re runs right? Well I never took to Ashton Kutcher. I watched a couple episodes with Ashton Kutcher and I just couldn’t stand it. So I only watched old episode with Charlie Harper or AKA Charlie Sheen. I also love the Big Bang Theory also by Chuck Lorre. I heard there is a new show that Chuck Lorre is working on and I am really interested and waiting to see it. Anger Management isn’t too bad of a show either. Anyway I really missed being online today. I will for sure be online tomorrow so don’t miss me 😉 There are a few Fire works stands out here in California and I really want to buy some Fire Works. Their illegal where I live but I will sneak them. No one will ever know the wiser. I went to Walmart today and I haven’t been in a while. I am a Walmart girl! I know I always say this but follow me on twitter my twitter handle is @Stassi_Stroker. I look forward to seeing you all tomorrow when I’m online 😉 Miss you.

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